Fair queen’s heartwarming story catches Skype’s attention

DSC01889This year’s Elkhart County 4-H Fair Queen has had an exciting last year. The first Friday of the fair she was named queen, but, even before that, she was gained national attention for her heartwarming friendship with a girl in New Zealand.

Last summer, Skype, an online video calling service, asked for submissions about how people stay connected around the world through Skype. They picked up on Sarah Stump’s story and how she’s been friends the past eight years with a girl in New Zealand. They were both born with only one hand and connected over that, but also shared with each other about school, sports and even crushes, according to Skype.

While they had been talking via Skype for eight years, the two good friends had never met in person until Skype made it happen.

You can see the result here! And, be prepared, you might get teary.

And check out other video snippets and learn a bit more about Sarah and Paige’s story here.

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