This 4-Her Is Making A Donation She Hopes Will Inspire More

Kylie 2While community spirit, community involvement and community service are on display throughout the Elkhart County 4-H Fair, one 4-Her hopes to inspire extra generosity during Friday’s (July 31) 4-H auction.

“My name is Kylie Frauhiger; I am 16 years old and will be a senior at Northridge High School. I am a nine-year member of the Elkhart County 4-H Swine Club. At the conclusion of the fair, I will have the opportunity to present my swine for auction,” Kylie said. Typically the community supports the efforts of 4-H youths by buying their animals.

Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 7.19.12 PMIn the past, Kylie (who was one of this year’s contestants for the fair queen crown) has put the money from the sale into her college savings fund, she said, but “This year I have chosen to donate the proceeds of the auction of one of my swine — as well as the swine — to the nonprofit organization ‘Seed to Feed,’” she explained.

Seed to Feed was founded by Church Community Service to serve all of Elkhart County. It works alongside the CCS food pantry and the Food Bank of Northern Indiana to supply fresh food to local food pantries.

Kylie said, “At its inception, Seed to Feed had only two gardens and only two cash crop fields. Their goal was to provide fresh produce to food pantries in the area. Currently, Seed to Feed has quadrupled in size.”

Kylie joins a growing list of gifts to Seed to Feed from the fair. In 2012, the program’s first year, Emily Sheets donated one of her pigs to Seed to Feed and helped hand out the meat at the CCS food pantry; in 2013 72 animals were donated to Seed to Feed at the auction, while last year 4-Her Lane Flowers donated his steer and the proceeds to the program.

Kylie“I am inviting you to help me make a difference in our community by donating to the auction fund fort my swine,” Kylie said. To make a donation to Seed to Feed as part of Kylie’s donation, contact Doug Thwaits at 574-238-0395 or

Of course, any buyer at the 4-H auction can donate the animal to Seed to Feed.


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