The Fair’s 4-H Auction Again Raises More Than $1.15 Million

IMG_7511The Elkhart County 4-H Fair Auction has been going on all day, and now that it’s wrapped, the preliminary auction total shows that the Elkhart County community again showed amazing support for 4-H youth.

With 1,078 lots — down 17 from last year — the community gave 4-H youth a grand total of $1,154,15.28.

That total is down from last year’s record of nearly $1.3 million, but it still represents an excellent level of support above the market value of 4-Hers’ animals in a year when livestock prices are lower than last year.

“It’s an amazing level of support for these kids,” said Mary Ann Lienhart-Cross, county extension director for the Purdue Cooperative Extension Service, which oversees the 4-H program in Indiana. “There’s no other county in Indiana where this happens.”

“It’s a great testament to the support of the Elkhart County community for our 4-H program and the 4-H families and 4-Hers themselves,” said Dr.  Robert Zell, this year’s fair board president and a long-time 4-H leader. “We get tremendous support from the businesses and people. I can’t express my appreciation enough. They don’t just talk about supporting our youth, they put their money where their mouth is.”

Looking toward the ninth and final day of the fair, the auction total is a positive way to  wrap up the 4-H livestock portion of the fair, Zell said. “It’s a high note.”


  1. I moved from Goshen to Virgina years ago. I still talk about the impact that 4-H had on me today. Shout out to Rabbit Club, Junior Leaders & to all the volunteers who make it possible for these young folks to have a memorable childhood. It’s contributed to my success, and without question, countless others.

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