Daughtry to bring Grammy-nominated music act to 4-H grandstand for 2018

American Idol, meet the Elkhart County 4-H Fair.

Chris Daughtry, who rose to national musical prominence with a powerful, popular run through the 2006 season of the hit television series “American Idol,” will bring his Grammy-nominated band, Daughtry, to the 4-H grandstand for a marquee Saturday night show in 2018.

The concert is scheduled for July 21 at 8 p.m., the opening Saturday of the 4-H Fair, which runs July 20-28. Grandstand seating is free with a paid gate admission. Gate tickets on day of the fair run $10, but discount gate admission tickets can be purchased for $8 at www.4hfair.org. Reserved trackside seats go on sale for $35 beginning Monday, Feb. 26 at noon, also at www.4hfair.org.

A run of four Top 20 singles, including Grammy-nominated hit, “It’s Not The Spell,” fueled Daughty’s 2007 self-titled debut developed into the top selling album of the year. The group added a No.1 single with “Leave This Town” in 2009, while “Break The Spell” was certified gold in 2011.

Daughtry and his band have been performing together for over a decade.
“Like anything with a 10-year relationship, you know more about each other than you do most of your family,” says Chris Daughtry. “It’s a love-hate thing — you get sick of being around them, but after two weeks at home you’re ready to get back out on the road and do it again. The fan base really keeps us alive. That’s the key ingredient to keeping a band together—that’s the gasoline, and without it you can’t run.
“If you look at the groups doing it for 20-plus years,” he continues, “they were always changing their style, testing the water, going off the rails from what people expected—Zeppelin, Elton, Prince, they never did the same record twice. So there’s always that effort to push yourself as an artist, but I never want to abandon that sense of melody and sense of something that people can grab onto, whether it conjures up memories or helps them through a tough time. That’s what I love about music, when it makes me feel something.

The band, which is currently in the middle of work on a fifth album, also featured a platinum selling hit in “Waiting for Superman,” the top single from its “Baptized” album of 2013. “Waiting for Superman” holds a special place in Chris Daughtry’s heart.

“It was a nice hybrid of where we had been and where we’re going, and it opened my eyes a bit,” says Daughtry. “Everything was so serious and doom and gloom, and ‘You broke my heart,’ but we never saw ourselves as those people outside the music—onstage we were always joking around. That helped me wrap my head around the fact that we can be light-hearted and still be us. And that really changed the way I approach the songs in general.”
A special entry to the Sunday night 4-H grandstand presentation is NewSong, which will headline Pulse FM’s Sunday at the Fair show. Reserved track seats are currently on sale for $10. Details can be found by logging in to https://www.pulsefm.com/concert/pulse-fms-sunday-at-the-fair/